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Amy Gordon stars in Big Apple Circus- First female solo comedian

In 42 years, New York's own world class circus has never featured a solo female comedian, until now! Amy Gordon, better known in the comedy and cabaret worlds as Amy G, has created and written a character for the company that she believes exemplifies the spirit and fun of New York and the circus that it can be everyday. As Pidge of Lincoln Center, Gordon plays a wise-cracking New York pigeon that "isn't much of a frequent flyer." She is afraid of heights, and cannot fly, but not for lack of trying. Every time she tries, however, whether she is escaping from a shoo-ing usher (Alan Pagnota), dancing on a pair of hijacked roller skates, or singing a medley that take her up to "the ledge of glory" in the roof of the bigtop, the audience is treated to a spectacular fall. Funny jokes, hilarious slapstick comedy, musical theatre chops, improvisational and interactive comedy with the audience, and explosive roller skate dance are just part of what makes this character so endearing. She reminds us with each fall to "Shake it off!" until her final ascendance with a little help from her friends at the circus. The circus acts in this years production are outstanding. If anybody needed inspiration to fly, these are definitely the folks to bring it. Gordon's performance earned her rave reviews from other high-flying superstars like Liam Neeson, Robert de Niro, Eddie Redmayne, Bill Irwin, Isabella Rossellini and Neil Patrick Harris (who opened the show.) Until Feb 2 at Lincoln Center.

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