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Making the big time from the other side of the world

I've just returned from a month long gig as the host and MC of Deluxe Deluxe, a very fancy adult circus in Australia. I have 10 days at home between engagements - I'm returning to Oz next Sunday for another month, but in the meanwhile, I am casting my first tv sitcom pilot, Big Time.

I've been writing this script for some time now, and taking the days in Australia to really dig in has been super fruitful. Great news for somebody writing a script about a middle aged lady trying to run away from the circus to get a call from the circus and be back in it for a second. I never can say goodbye. But it also leaves a lot of time for writing when you don't have to go to auditions all day, everyday!

So the script is coming along, the crowd-funding campaign has finished (we made 250% of our goal - 20K!), and the breakdowns went out. For the past couple weeks I've been watching reels and self-tapes and tomorrow is the first time I'll get to read with prospective scene partners in the room. It's all fascinating, slightly terrifying, and I'm learning a lot - which tends to happen when you're in over your head. It's my favorite place to be and no doubt, the only way to make it to the Big Time. Wish me luck. I'll let you know what happens!

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